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ROCK ON!!! ROCK ON!!! ROCK!!! Welcome To The Best Avril Site!!!



TŞKlerim İng. olmk zorundaydı(ing. yazdım!) nk tşk ettiim kişi we siteler maalesef ing.! zellikle onların anlaması gerekiodu... :) ama isterseniz okuyabilirsiniz...

here u can find my "thanx"s...
[maybe u'll think that it's 2 big 4 just a site... but there r sooo many ppl that I should thank. this page is good 4 it!!!]
1st of all thanx God. 4 taking good care of me n giving me a really awesome destiny like this! u gave me everything i wanted, i needed. that's why I don't want anything else in this life. thanx God! I love myself n my life. maybe it isn't perfect as Jessica Simpson's, but I know it isn't poor as street children's. anywayz, thanx god 4 this life, this position n being able 2 breathe right now! then... thanx mom n dad(Lale n Can). i love u guyz! u always tried 2 make me so happy, so did u! u r an awesome parent-couple! thanx 4 supporting me my pretty parent n thanx for eveything! thanx my grandma(lk!). u r a really nice woman n u always looked after me. that's why now I'm a pretty teen! i know my voice comes out so loud when I shout(how rhyming! wow!), sorry 4 that! u r my dearest Grandma n it will never change! anywayz... thanx my twin brother(Ege!). thanx Ege, 4 making me laugh especially when I'm sad(but I'm not talking about your disgusting n silly sentences! the other 1s! :P). I know we usually fight but actually I love ya! this is a fabolous family, thanx again guyz! n then thanx all of my friends! thanx my girls: ece(my best mail friend! thanx soo much 4 being with me alwayz n holding my hand. thanx 4 not letting me in that big confusion!), ece2(my school friend! we had a great fun in that huge balloon. remember the 19th may!), meri(thank u girl 4 sharing my big complicated problems!), deniz(4 making me laugh, n don't think that i 4get this AB thing! u know what's that! :P), başak(i love ya girl, u r such an awesome friend! though u h8 Avril becuz of Amy!), merve(my mail friend, i know i ignore u a lot sorry!), aslı(hey ya "sadist" girl! :P i love ya n is it hard 2 handle me on shoulders 3 times, remeber the Manga concert! :P)... there r soo many friends that i wanna thank but there r not enough space so if u r not written don't get mad. OK?!? n thanx Melissa (u r an awesome webmaster! keep up good work!) n Johanna (where did i take these awesome pix u think?!?)... thanx Avril! she rox my world! :P she has everything i want. thanx every1!!! n ROCK ON!!!

aşaada sitemi yaparken ooo...k yardım aldıım siteler wr...
çooo...k T$K! we Melissa'ya çooo...k t$k!


!!!KiMS OnU DuRDuRaMAz!!! ~~~AVR!L~~~